Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration & Clean-Up Services 

Rapid Restoration is available 24/7 with certified fire & smoke damage restoration services. We work with clients who are dealing with fire and smoke damage to their home or business with compassion during one of the most stressful times of their life. 


Fire may be the first danger we think of during this type of disaster, but smoke actually causes damage that permeates well beyond the area of the property that the fire was localized to. Even if the fire doesn’t spread, the smoke will and it will cause severe damage to your home and belongings. 


The skilled fire damage restoration professionals at Rapid Restoration can identify the most severe cases of smoke damage and give you an idea of what is salvageable and what is not. In some cases, smoke can get into places you wouldn’t expect and the damage isn’t evident until it’s too late to be restored. We are trained and have the equipment to detect and locate all smoke damage, plan for restoration, and set your mind at ease.

How Bad is the Fire Damage?

There are also instances that might look worse than what they really are. Our professionals can verify the condition of a building and evaluate the severity of the damage done, as well as repair it at a respectable rate, helping minimize your cost and stress. Hiring a firm that is not experienced or trained in assessing fire and smoke damage can cause higher costs, longer project time, and unnecessary loss of items or property that otherwise could have been repaired or restored. 

What We Do after a Fire:

  • Site inspection & evaluation. site board-up and stabilization 

  • Resident belonging inventory & storage

  • Debris removal & management

  • Fire mitigation (including surface treatment of metal, marble, stone, or other type of surface that is at risk of etched from corrosive gasses from the fire)

  • Demolition when needed, and clean-up

  • Water extraction & dehumidification 

  • Assistance with & estimates for insurance companies