Mold Remediation Services & Mold Removal 

Mold can grow in the most unlikely of places, and many times it will be harmless, but even so, it is unsightly and can have negative long-term effects on whatever belongings are exposed to it. In other cases, mold can cause health problems and irrepairable damage to your belongings. Mold is hard to identify without proper training and experience, and handling it without knowing proper procedure can be dangerous. It’s important to have professional help when identifying and treating it. If you find mold in your home or business and have concern over damage or long-term health effects, you can rely on Rapid Restoration to handle the remediation and clean up for you. We are trained and certified to detect, test, and remove the mold in your property. Once on site, we begin Mold Remediation services by removing all materials and objects infested with the microbial growth, location and removal of settled spores, reduce the moisture levels in the building, extract any water and perform extensive and fast drying, and the apply biocides to clean and completely remove the mold.

Rapid Restoration Mold Remediation & Clean-up Services:

  • Full examination and detection process, full assessment of the extent of the mold problem at your property 

  • Contain the infected area, stop the spread of the mold, and remove all contaminated matter

  • Removal of settled mold spores

  • Applying biocides

  • Moisture and odor control

  • Complete sanitation work

  • Structure and content restoration

  • Removal of mold infected materials

  • Fast drying and dehumidify 

  • Assistance with insurance matters and claims