Water Damage Restoration & Clean-Up Services 

Water is usually a wonderful thing! But when it

comes to flooding and other forms of water

damage, it can cause a catastrophic event. In most cases, the damage occurs in 48 hours or less! Even a small amount of water in your home where it doesn't belong can cause warped floors and damaged personal property. 


You need a reputable, qualified restoration company that will work quickly and carefully if your home or business is dealing with water damage. The sooner the water damage is addressed and drying is started, the better the chances of recovering and repairing your items, as well as minimizing long-term water damage to your property. When it comes to water damage, soaking and wiping up the spill will not suffice. Full extraction of the water and drying must be done correctly and thoroughly. There is a scientific method, special equipment, and training when it comes to water damage restoration. This can include the measuring and reading of moisture levels below the visible surface damage among other things. Choosing a restoration solution that is not qualified or trained properly can lead to long-term damage that can result in much higher costs down the road. The professionals at Rapid Restoration are also prepared to detect other possible hazards, in addition to the obvious damage that the moisture and flooding can cause, such as the presence of certain silts and contaminates that can cause slow moving structural damages, and even potential health issues. 


If you find yourself facing water damage at your home or business, you can count on Rapid Restoration to respond quickly, assess the situation and take the best action possible. They can restore your property back to its original beautiful state - if not better! If repair is not possible, we can do all replacement work without having to sub-contract another company. We are a one stop restoration and contracting company who can save you time, money and angst! 



What should a property owner do when discovering water damage to their property?

Most of us would naturally want to start cleaning up the water ourselves. But the first thing you should do is call Rapid Restoration immediately! Time is of the essence, and the sooner you make contact with a trained, skilled and specialized restoration firm - the better your chances for full recovery of the property and items. 

Causes of Water Damage We Handle:

  • Basement Floods

  • Frozen or broken pipes or water lines

  • Heavy rains or storms

  • Sewage & septic back-ups

  • Cresting rivers & other bodies of water

What We Do:

  • Arrive quickly and prepared to start work on your property

  • Water removal, extraction

  • Drying of the property and contents, including floors, carpets & padding, baseboards, walls, and personal contents

  • Removal, storage and restoration of personal items such as furniture, electronics, books, documents, and more

  • Assessment of moisture levels on all levels of your property

  • Mitigation of damage 

  • Assistance with insurance claims and processes